Anybody missing me?


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"Anybody missing me?" is the first album by Athens, Greece based, trip-hop band NOiSEA
Stories for people that move on the tail of the eye, hookers, drunks, homeless, sic, war-veterans, thieves, lonely old-men, cyber-freaks, for a world that exists under the nose of the well-respected society with the neckties.
Based on a rhythmic section made of cut-breath kicks and snares and a solid but love to swing bass, the rest are a seminar on contradiction.
Vocals that’s scream and then whisper, recorded out of old CBs and tube amplifiers, heavily distorted fuzz guitar riffs and mellow chords, nostalgic mellotrons, hammonds and raging Moogs, classic pianos and rusted EP’s, trumpets, violins, saxophones, choirs and on the top cutting edge synths and samples from what-ever the mind can think and the ear can hear, compile an extremely interesting and full, canvas of emotions and sounds.


released January 1, 2012

All music by Giorgos Grammozis except Veteran by Thanos Liberopoulos, Deep dive by Sakis Evaggelou and Northbound by Liberopoulos/Grammozis. All lyrics by Thanos Liberopoulos except Deep dive by Sakis Evaggelou. Produced by Thanos Liberopoulos



all rights reserved


Phonographic Society Αθήνα, Greece

A label for people without boundariess in music and expression. We run without outrageous costs or promotional fireworks. Our focus is on art and creation. This is home for Thanos Liberopoulos projects and collaborations.

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Track Name: Prison machine
He use to live alone, no friends or girls visit his home. .
For just ten bucks can flirt, with chicks that are cyber-wet.
(Like a stupid pet)

The doctor writes him drugs, that when he can does not wanna stop
But when he wants he can’t, in HHS always trapped.

Human with a glassy face, king of myspace.
Roaming bored around the mall,
Buying on sale porno TV love.

--Passing away under limelight,
--night by night, a couple of drinks, remote control, commercials
--You thin you know him, you think you’re better, no one needs your mercy

You just can’t trust them, man.

--Mechanic pathology

People that stand beside you in the sub.

--A damn algorithm makes the questions, and decides who you are.
--The ghost is now out of the machine.

Alcohol to fall asleep, coffee for the wake.
Fatal chemistry that numbs,
All this loneliness inside his brain.

He doesn’t think he’s sad, or even good or maybe bad.
No, feelings to redeem, in side this prison machine
Track Name: Northbound
I’m out on the highway I drive my car,
No one around, I can’t go back.
-The lights around blind my eyes.

Fuck the clarity, fuck the fears,
I’ll take it straight to New Orleans
-Sorry baby, I can’t tell lies.

Maybe I’ll stop, to fuel with gas,
To buy booze and some cigars.
-Take away the bottle, take away the jinni.

The life that you dream, is the life I kill,
I hope you see, I hope you feel.
-I can’t be like your uncle Vinny.

Past, I just run away from us,
So I drive on the highway fast,
The radio’s playing the song you loved.

Trip, someday again we are gonna meet,
Today I’m chasing a kite bizarre.
Only me alone, inside my car.

I’ll write you a letter to say I’m ok,
Maybe tomorrow, maybe today.
-Please don’t answer, it’s the best

I’ll wake on the clouds, but I’ll sleep in mud,
It isn’t nice, it’s not so bad.
-A fortune-teller said I’m cursed

I think I’ll drive over Vegas,
As a king, or as a beggar.
-Rather lucky, than fucking good

Gambling my fate for just one night
No money to play, I’ll play my life.
-Win or lose who cares my dude?
Track Name: Velvet Blue
The eyelids are heavy and weak. The body is unwilling to wake up.
The windows are closed, some pics on the floor.
Wearing the same clothes. The TV was open all night long.
Some pills and a glass, this pain should pass.

God how I miss the glow, inside this house alone,
But that’s I asked I guess.
I cover my head, with blanket in the bed,
And I don’t move.

So exhausted I can’t sleep, I didn’t do a thing,
For almost seven weeks.
An egopathic prick, that thinks he’ll always win,
As I try more, I’m getting worse.

A sorrowful mess around. The phone-machine is answering.
The mail down the door, unopened for long.
Roaming around the apartment. No one left here except of me.
It was nice days, but gone with no trace.
Track Name: Anybody missing me?
No one here sleeps, when the dark fall,
people yelling, people, shout, people crawl.
Strange species hanging around alone at nights
in shady bars under the lusty red lights.

You can say, it’s very late baby, almost 4’ o clock.
But I say it's is early, still plenty of alcohol and smoke.
Lunatic prophets, with bibles thrown in the mud,
abusion in the branch of the good from the bad.

Lonely people staring on their drinks all night long,
a pretty music playing but who cares about the song.
I fall in love with girls that I will never never know,
the life is moving slowly here, but God I have to go.

anybody missing me? anybody missing me?
anybody missing me? anybody missing me?

A hanging phone, and the moments stepping bored,
someone is awake, waiting a God damned call.
Who says that love should always be soft and gentle,
there’s no pink clouds inside the rooms of the cheap hotel.

Everything here is exactly like before,
people learning from TV how to hate or love.
A living funeral this place, an other stumbling step,
but once you’re in hell, only the devil himself can help.

You cam buy me a drink and I'll follow you
you can have me for this night.
And I wonder if any, I wonder if anybody really missing me?
Track Name: Train to Paris
When things are getting dizzy, maybe it’s time for a brake.
Last train that goes to Paris, through Lyon I will be there, in the rain,
-Appease for a while the pain.
My only luggage here, is a fucked up, tired mind,
Trying to convince myself that I left all the routine behind.

Drinking in Procope café,
Where Mercier was met Voltaire,
Breathing revolution’s air.

Inside Paris, tunnels deep,
Secrets of Leroux I’ll keep,
With my ghosts I’ll have a drink.

The cabaret is closing, down the street I’ll walk alone.
Some fireworks in the sky, by the river pass a boat, sweet night.
-Over the city of light.
Somewhere a sax is playing, maudlin girl that dance and laugh.
Yes I know this tune, maybe a cover from Milord, la mome Piaf.

And I don’t know anybody here,
For all them I am none,
But this is not my actual fear,
It is that seems to familiar…feels like home.
Track Name: Cheap Hotel
We’re looking greedy in filthy bars, whorehouses and cheap hotels,
All this things that they stole from us, when we were kids in the church

The God will welcome you in the door, the devil will take your staff.
Sinners and Saints hang around the hall, Magdalene’s flirting and laugh

We shall all dance, we shall all die, inside this cheap hotel.
Everything is holy here, and everything‘s for sale.
We shall all drink, we shall all feast, our host the oblique night.
The angel treats you wine but if, he founds love he might reveal his knife.

Judas in this place is your best friend, the Snake patrols the gate.
You’ll taste your ashes in Holy Grail and you will face your fate.

What if heaven,
Dream to be there
Is an other hell?

What if God is
Friend with Devil
Joking with the earth.
Track Name: Downtown
Rainy Sunday afternoon, empty bus that goes downtown,
The city is lazy and bored somehow, hangover bound.
Seems like nap on one night stand Saturday night couch,
Only a beggar on the street for dole he shouts.

Neutral people with no voice, honking from their little cars,
Others chunter curses walking, stressed and fast.
They run to hide from the rain, but they drag their own cloud,
Everybody’s eyes are stuck on looking down.

A paper bag is dancing with the wind,
A little stream that travels by the street.
Some broken leaves are longing for their tree.
But downtown no souls you’ll see.

Grey walls, an evil cold, like a dog that grabs your pans.
An old lady used to live, practically with her cats.
A hooker seems to start her work, remission comes on city’s sins.
The night falls, downtown belongs, to drunks and thiefs.
Track Name: Veteran
I just want, to be a man again,
who will love me, stacked n this wheelchair,
cracked, I'll never see again her laugh.

The country I served, doesn't know me anymore,
a rusted purple hurt, this wasn't my war,
fucked, I'll never see again her...

Laugh, I have forget how it like.
Cracked, a soldier who's unable to fight.
Fucked, I saw my friends to die around.
I doubt, for who from as is better now.
The peace is more unfair than the war.

I went there with honor, like a killer I came back,
now they say, that I’m in mental lack,
rucked, I’ll never see again her laugh.

I can’t feed myself, I can’t go to bath alone,
they made a wreck, where does the honor gone?
trapped, I’ll never see again her laugh.
Track Name: Deep Dive
Welcome beast uninvited passenger
I think I know.. I think I know..
oh.. this time again, a trip to the sea of truth may i walk again
(upon her)
but if I fall then it‘ll be forever..

((I’ll be forever.. forever hers…))
-fuck your stories, I will wait right here tonight
=watching this black rising downfall sight
-crawling monsters hauling faithfully beside
=carriage with the, pinky butterflies
-in the mirror bearing all the wage of time
=wearing daily illusion, useless eyes
-did u find any time to hide yourself?
=I think you do you worthless liar.

One of them, I’m crawling in the ice again
a mirror just to see, another day to be.
a candle to save thy soul an empty bucket
(to throw it all)
a fairytale to fall asleep, but if I fall then it will be forever..

Silver cold, feelings crow, silver cold, feelings crow,
Silver cold, feelings crow, silver cold
You said me, told you so…
Track Name: Broken toys in the attic
Around her paintings crying on the walls,
Childish colors, trolls.
Maybe it’s my fault so I don’t complain.
Clouds, lightning, rain.

Some old photos only know how
Broken toys in the attic now
(Good bye for now I’ll meet her somehow
Good bye for now I’ll meet you somehow)

Feels comforting but also feels sad.
Nothing really lasts.
And without you the world still exists.
Who will notice your miss.

The sunflowers withered in the vase.
Close your eyes can you see her face?
(Good bye for now I’ll meet her somehow
Good bye for now I’ll meet you somehow)
Track Name: Irredenta
A little, passerine this morning flied on me,
It sat, on my window and started to sing.
It told me, for a time, that now seems old.
The glory, and the wise ness, the hate that brought the war.

My grandparents dust dispersed, all along this sea.
Seeds that traveled planted out, this eradicated nameless tree.

The radio, that my father, was trying to hear the news,
From Paris and from Stockholm, Brussels and Luxembourg.
I found it in the attic, among the dust.
I thought that I heard it to play an old march.

Millions, of crimes, that none, paid for.
The people forget, can’t pain more.