Civil disorder EP

by Civil disorder

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This is the first and only sample of work from Corinth based band Civil disorder back on 2005. An EP with DIY and punk rock aesthetics, low budget production but filled with rage passion and some great lyrics.
Recorded live at Tabula Rasa studios it's a piece of work to remind us how music feels at it's pure form.


released June 3, 2006

All music by Thanos Liberopoulos except Filoxenia and Mad by Thanos Lyberopoulos and Haris Petmezas. All lyrics by Thanos Liberopoulos except Fest of Sodom by Pavlina Louki



all rights reserved


Phonographic Society Αθήνα, Greece

A label for people without boundariess in music and expression. We run without outrageous costs or promotional fireworks. Our focus is on art and creation. This is home for Thanos Liberopoulos projects and collaborations.

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Track Name: Filoxenia
I didn’t think, I didn’t know
the band is spited, the voice is low.
Pained lights shoot my head,
dirty pillows inside my bed.

They put police, for my thoughts,
brake the doors, when their closed,.
Close your phone I don’t want to talk,
go with your car, I will walk

You’re my virgin, you’re my horn,
I fuck you, full in love,
We’re identical twins,
with the wolf and with the sheep

Give my number for your row,
what it takes, staying low,
I didn’t think, I didn’t know
now it’s over our lonely show.
Track Name: Fest of Sodom
Gracing the hate, smashing the love,
Go and feel something.
Mixed up staff as right and wrong,
And conclude in nothing.

I don’t know you don’t care,
Let me try and fly.
Cut my face, no blood there,
Seeing you, will die

Searching in flesh, spirit test,
You will find a difference
You deny you reply,
It’s just feel like sickness

And as the poet goes on,
I can see the difference.
No more blur, no more fair,
Overcoming sickness.

Calling you come and share,
Share with me your wisdom.
You deny you reply,
This is all your freedom

Calling you come and share,
Share with me your boredom,
This is it, don’t exist
In this fest of Sodom.
Track Name: Here I am
So here I am my friend, one step before the end,
wondering what I’ve done, a life on the run.
I’ve colored TV a gray life, just jerking off my mind

So here I am alone, a self destructed clown,
a doll full of disgrace, see the scars on my face
And I play right my role, one use friend I’m for all

All I own end up owning me,
copy of a copy of a copy to be.
I’m not the one who makes the rules,
I never had a damned chance to choose.

Nobody cares what I am or whom,
only matters what I consume.
Everybody wants me mass,
my funeral entertainment for us.

So here I am with you,
story without a clue,
I’m not the one who sees
and you’re the same with me.

Seeking way out somehow,
misery party now!
Track Name: Isolation
Looking for pleasure in empty bottles,
one by one dying your hopes,
creating, poor deed gods.

Alcohol and smoke dance in your eyes,
the days are dark, the nights are wide,
find, for your soul a price.

Nothing to say nowhere to hide,
the rain is hard, the sky is blind.
Nobody to tell you only a word,
the streets are cold but you hate your home.

A long time ago you had seen a dream,
now only nightmares haunting your sleep.
The glass is empty the time is late,
no reason to keep playing this game
Day by day...Is bigger the pain.

The phone isn’t ringing nobody calls,
lonely years has locked your doors.
But yesterday somebody came to your place,
it was a old friend coming from Lane.

But he couldn’t even stay for long,
the train was leaving at eight o’clock,
you thought open for light a little cranny,
no, he wanted to lend him some money.
Day by day...The hope comes tinny.

Now you are once again alone,
you look for a reason to stay for your own.
No love no faith, to prays anymore.

The only solution waits in the drawer.
Ask from your god, to give you the power.
You can’t find for what you are still over here,
and your disappointment is beating the fear.
Suddenly the birds fly away...And the story ends here.

Isolation, and no direction,
tell us where can we go find a bit affection...
Track Name: Mad
I feel alone, anybody hearing?
My body is cold, anybody hearing?
A pain in head, anybody hearing?
My eyes are red anybody hearing out there?

I think I’m mad, I know if it’s bad
Where is a gun? My role is done.
I think I’m mad.

I’m feared in the stage, anybody hearing?
The band seems strange, anybody hearing?
My name is none, anybody hearing?
For you I’m a clown, anybody hearing out there?